All County Evergreen Property Management Team

Giving You Peace of Mind With Quality Property Management Solutions

With 15 years experience in Real Estate sales and close to 10 years of managing single family investments, Doug and Connie Kittelman have a passion for ensuring the growth of others' property investments. Seeing the need for quality property management solutions in the Evergreen area, they opened their office doors to serve the communities surrounding Puyallup, Washington. By using their expert knowledge and experience, the All County® Evergreen team is proud to watch our clients enjoy being a owner without having to deal with the hassles of property management.

Doug and Connie Kittelman are proud Washington state residents and have lived in Western Washington their entire lives. With a close connection to the Evergreen community, they've learned how important it is to have someone you can trust and rely on 100% to maintain and keep your property rented. Their commitment is to turning your property into a valuable source of income for you. The All County® Evergreen team would love to work to make it all happen for you. Schedule a meeting with Doug today.